Surveillance Strategies

Alabama Workmans Comp FraudThere are basically two different types of surveillance. Manned and Unmanned.

Manned surveillance is either conducted from inside of a vehicle and may involve mobile surveillance when the claimant or target is moving or conducted outside of a vehicle either from a position that will conceal the investigator or in a public area with concealed or covert cameras.

Unmanned surveillance will usually involve a stationary camera and digital video recorder. This set up could be placed in a building, vehicle , wooded area etc.Alabamas Workmans Comp Fraud Investigation

No mater which type of surveillance is employed, it is always conducted from a public place or a place that we have permission from the property owner to access.

Surveillance is one of the most accurate methods of discovery in a personal injury defense case when done properly.

All video surveillance film is time and date coded and accompanied by a complete report.

Note: Although the camera shown was the camera of it's time, we no longer use it. We use much more advanced equipment with HD quality.