Background Checks and Investigations

Background checks are an important part of any investigation for two reasons. First is to protect the investigator by knowing what type of situation he or she is walking into. Example: The claimant has recently been charged for shooting at a neighbor who he suspected was casing his place from a wooded area in an attempt to steal his four-wheeler. In this case might be a benefit to know this before you go trekking through the woods. Another example is a case we ran our preliminary checks and found that the claimant had been jailed that very week for domestic violence and had not bonded out but would also be under a Protection Order that would keep him from going home for a while. In that case, we postponed surveillance for two weeks and then resumed at the claimant's mother's residence where we filmed him doing heavy repair work on her driveway. Had we not run the background and looked into the cort files carefully, we may have set up on his residence for three days where his vehicle was sitting and produced zero results. Of course the client may be understanding a say "well how could you have known he wasn't there". Well it's our job to know therefore we make every effort to thoroughly prelim a case at no charge to the client.